Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a community that consists of people who want to participate by sharing their opinions in market research. In exchange for their participation, these people receive a monetary payment. Being part of this community is very simple, comfortable and requires no commitment. You will also be able to cancel your membership at your request.

How does it work?

Once you have logged in and activated your account, you only have to wait to receive our invitation to participate in studies on the email account you’ve provided us. You will be receiving random invitations as has surveys that best fit your profile. In our email we will explain you what the research is about, what your contribution will consist of and which incentive you will receive in exchange of your participation. Once you read this information, you will be able to decide if you want to participate in the research. For each research you get involved in, you will receive an incentive in your account. If you want to check your incentive status, just log in to your account. You can request the collection through Paypal once you achieve a minimum amount of USD 5.00.

Can I log in to for free? login is completely free, as well as any participation in surveys. Under no circumstances should you pay for anything.

You can log in by clicking here Why will I get paid for participating in surveys?

Companies develop market research because they want to know the public’s general opinion about their products, services, advertising, etc. Thus, they hire market research firms to develop such studies. In our case, in order to boost our users’ desire to participate in studies, we offer them an economic incentive that may vary according to the subject of each research.

When will I receive surveys?

Once you’re logged in, we will send you surveys whenever we have a study that best fits your profile.

How much money will I receive for each study?

The amount of money you will receive for answering a survey depends on the questionnaire length. Considering this, you will be able to receive between USD 0.10 and USD 30.00 per survey. Every time we offer you to participate in a new study, we will indicate you how much money you will receive for doing so.

When and how can I collect the accumulated money?

In order to collect the accumulated money, you need to have at least USD 5.00. From that point you will be able to request the money by activating your Paypal account. If you still do not have a Paypal account, you just have to follow a simple log-in process that only takes a few seconds. For more information about Paypal, go to HELP up to the end.

How do I know how much money is accumulated on my account?

In order to know how much money is accumulated in your account, you just need to sign on to your account with your login and password. The money for the last studies might have not been credited into your account yet, as the study should be completed before the sum appears in your account. Once you have finished the study, the money that corresponds to such study’s survey will be automatically credited into your account. You should keep in mind that you may wait for days or even weeks until you see the incentive reflected in your account after your participation. If you consider that we have made a mistake when accounting your incentives, please don’t hesitate to contact us (

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership before achieving the minimum collectable amount?

You can cancel your membership at any moment; however, if you haven’t achieved at least USD 5.00, you will not be able to claim payment.

What rules do I need to observe in

The basic rules of operation of are very simple. Of course, a single user can be logged in only once to The user that answers the surveys shall be the same person that logged in to All data submitted in the login form must be true. can check the trueness of the information sent by its members. In case the user hinders data or gives false information, his/her membership can be automatically cancelled, losing all his/her account data and his/her accumulated money.

Who is able to participate?

In order to log in to, you need to: • Be more than 18 • Live in a Spanish-speaking country • Work outside the market research, marketing or advertising sectors The system says that I cannot participate.

What can I do?

Maybe you are trying to access a study already closed or whose quota of participating members with your profile has been covered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I haven\'t received any survey for a long time.


Our surveys are not targeted to all the group of members of, but only to a randomly-selected group. If you haven’t received any survey recently, don’t worry, you will surely receive one soon.

Is a safe and confidential site?

You can feel completely safe because of our commitment to security and confidentiality.

For more information about our Data Protection Policy, click here What can I do if I need more information? No problem. If you still have doubts, just send an email to *** ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT PAYPAL *** Upon users’ request, we added below more information about Paypal payment platform.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is a platform for online payments and collections. This means, you can receive payments through your Paypal account, or you can make online payments with the balance you have, as if you were using a credit card.

How can I log in to Paypal?

To log in to Paypal, you just need an email account. The log-in is free and user-friendly. IMPORTANT: When logging in to Paypal, we suggest you use the same email account you have submitted in Zonaencuestas, so you can allocate incentives to that account.

How do I collect my Paypal accumulated balance?

In Paypal, you can use your balance to purchase online, or you can collect that money in cash. If you want to collect the money, Paypal can issue a check upon your request. You will receive your check in approximately 2 weeks and it can be collected through some financial/banking institutions. In Argentina, for instance, this operation is simple and you can collect the check through Casa Piano (note: for more information about withdrawals, visit

Can they pay me through another way rather than Paypal?

At this time we only provide this payment method. We will try to integrate new methods in the future. Paypal is asking for my credit card number! Keep in mind that it is not necessary to submit your credit card information in Paypal. The message that appears when logging in might be confusing for some users. Paypal only suggests to link your credit card to your account (in case you want to shop online in the future), but it’s not necessary to do so. You can mark out the “Register my credit card to start shopping immediately (recommended)” option to complete the log-in process without submitting your information.

How do I continue my log-in process without submitting my credit card information?

During this process, the “Register my credit card to start shopping immediately (recommended)” option appears. If you don’t want to register your credit card, you must mark out that option.

So why do they ask me for my credit card number?

Paypal suggests the registration of your credit card to purchase online through Paypal (i.e., you can visit a website, purchase online and pay with the accumulated balance. If your account has insufficient or no funds, Paypal deducts that amount from your credit card and you don\'t need to submit your credit card information in every website). But we insist: you don’t need to register your credit card in Paypal. You just have to mark out the “Register my credit card to start shopping immediately (recommended)” option, and that’s it. For more information, please visit