Terms and Conditions

We submit below some participation rules whose main goal is to assure the quality of the research performed in Zonaencuestas.com.
  1. A single user shall not be logged in more than once to Zonaencuestas.com
  2. The user participating in the research shall be the same person that is logged in to Zonaencuestas.com
  3. Zonaencuestas.com reserves the right to supervise the trueness of basic personal information provided in the log-in process (name, last names, sex, age)
  4. Good faith and sincerity shall govern the relationship between Zonaencuestas.com and the members of the community The participation in any research is not compulsory; however, answering surveys in a total or partially random manner, without duly reading the questions and answer choices, etc., is considered completely inexcusable and goes against Zonaencuentas.com’s interests which include the provision of quality studies to our clients
  5. Zonaencuestas.com assumes no tax liability from any member of this panel due to a non-disclosure – in case it is compulsory – of economic incentives or received gifts.
  6. Contributing to any research does not imply an employment or contractual relationship with members of Zonaencuestas.com.
  7. Zonaencuestas.com reserves the right to remove without notice any member that fails to comply with the rules of operation mentioned herein. Members that have been removed due to their failure to comply with any or some of said rules shall not be able to collect the money accumulated in their Zonaencuestas.com account.
  8. For each study in which they participate, users shall receive an economic incentive or have the right to participate in the draw to win goods & services. Incentives will add up in Zonaencuestas.com account, and the user shall be able to request its collection once he/she has at least $5.
Zonaencuestas.com reserves the right to introduce, in the future and without notice, any change to these Terms and Conditions as it may think fit, so we highly recommend that users should visit this section of our website periodically